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Software engineer. Great British Baking Show enthusiast. Obsessed with Beat Saber. Powered by insatiable curiosity and too much Diet Coke.

I love the keyboard, and I hate the mouse. Seriously. If I can go 2–3 hours without touching my mouse, that’s a huge win. Mousing is just so inefficient, especially when it comes to development work.

A computer mouse on a desk with hands on a keyboard slightly blurred in the background.
Hate it!

As you can imagine, I’m also a huge fan of the terminal. I delight…

As a software engineer and all-around nerd, I’m pretty picky about computers. The Mac Mini provided by my company is fine, but, let’s face it, my custom-built desktop gaming rig and my Dell XPS 15 laptop (MacBook power at half the price — seriously, you should check it out!) …

Amanda Reilly

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