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Software engineer. Great British Baking Show enthusiast. Obsessed with Beat Saber. Powered by insatiable curiosity and too much Diet Coke.

I love the keyboard, and I hate the mouse. Seriously. If I can go 2–3 hours without touching my mouse, that’s a huge win. Mousing is just so inefficient, especially when it comes to development work.

A computer mouse on a desk with hands on a keyboard slightly blurred in the background.
Hate it!

As you can imagine, I’m also a huge fan of the terminal. I delight in showing new engineers on my team how to get the most out of their terminal. We even have a whole doc in our team drive titled “Terminal Swag” with tips, tricks, and best practices for working on the terminal.

Of course, terminal commands can be a bit tedious to…

As a software engineer and all-around nerd, I’m pretty picky about computers. The Mac Mini provided by my company is fine, but, let’s face it, my custom-built desktop gaming rig and my Dell XPS 15 laptop (MacBook power at half the price — seriously, you should check it out!) both blow it out of the water in terms of performance.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and the VS Code ecosystem have both matured to the point where I can use Windows for development (without dual-booting Linux!). Since the pandemic started, I‘ve been using my personal equipment for work, and…

Amanda Reilly

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