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  • Jordan Scales

    Jordan Scales

    JavaScript clickbait enthusiast. Giving you superpowers.

  • Olivier Tassinari

    Olivier Tassinari

    Software engineer • co-creator of Material-UI • studied @telecomptech • ex @doctolib

  • Daniel Brain

    Daniel Brain

    works for PayPal, as a lead engineer in Checkout. Opinions expressed herein belong to him and not his employer. daniel@bluesuncorp.co.uk

  • Justin K Prim

    Justin K Prim

    Gemcutter / Travel Adventurer / Lapidary Historian/ Author of The Heart of Merlin / www.justinkprim.com

  • Marc-André Giroux

    Marc-André Giroux

    #GraphQL Enthusiast, Speaker, Platform Interface Engineer @ GitHub 📖 Book is now available https://book.productionreadygraphql.com/

  • Adnan Rahić

    Adnan Rahić

    Your friendly neighborhood open-sourcerer at Sematext.com. Startup founder, author, and ex-freeCodeCamp local leader.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Joel Thoms

    Joel Thoms

    Computer Scientist and Technology Evangelist with 20+ years of experience with JavaScript!

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